Imagined Touch Installation

10–15 January

A profound insight into living in a world without sight or sound
Track 8
245 Wilson Street
Eveleigh 2015


9.50am, 10.20am, 10.50am, 11.20am, 11.50am, 12.20pm, 1.20pm, 1.50pm, 2.20pm, 2.50pm and 3.20pm

Recommended for ages 12+

40 mins per session

Recommended for ages 12+
Jodee Mundy Collaborations / Australia


Imagined Touch, the installation, is centred upon two Deafblind women – Heather Lawson, a performer and Michelle Stevens, a pianist – exploring their profound experience of living in a world without sight or sound.

Touch is the main way that Deafblind people navigate, communicate and connect with others. In a society where touch is not encouraged, Deafblind people grapple with universal questions of isolation, access and human connection.

In this installation, audiences wear goggles and headphones that alter and restrict light and sound, and through intensified touch and tactile communication, will experience the artists’ stories in a profoundly different sensory environment and explore Heather and Michelle’s stories through an imagined touch of the senses.

Each session has a limited capacity of 15 people. Register now to book your spot.

Installation sessions begin at the below times – 9.50am, 10.20am, 10.50am, 11.20am, 11.50am, 12.20pm, 1.20pm, 1.50pm, 2.20pm, 2.50pm and 3.20pm

Performers & Collaborators: Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens
Installation Director: Jodee Mundy
Installation Co-Director: David Pidd
Set, Lighting & Visual Design: Jen Hector
Composition & Sound Design: Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey
Director of Photography: Tom Chapman
Installation communication guides: Michael Katzakis, Mikaela Parker, Cindy- Lu Bailey, Stevie-Lee Bounader, Gloria Stead & Janelle Wallan
Installation Guides Coordinator: Sofya Gollan
Audio Description: Jodee Mundy
Technical Managers: Tim Seconi & Nathalie Devilliers

Note: Upon arrival at the event your belongings will be put into a cloakroom and you will be asked to remove your shoes during the performance. Please avoid bringing any valuables. All performances of the Imagined Touch Installation are accessible to all people. Please let us know your access requirements before attending the event. Visit our access webpage here.

Installation Partners: Accessible Arts NSW, Able Australia, Arts Access Victoria, Polyglot Theatre & The Deaf Society.

Photos: Jeff Busby & Pippa Dodds

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